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Paw Spa Mobile Grooming Service Agreement






At Paw Spa Mobile Grooming Salon we take pride in our work and the stress free environment we provide for your pets.   We strive to ensure the comfort of all pets that enter our mobile salon.  That being said, we do reserve the right to refuse service if we believe your pet is overly stressed or aggressive as we are not going to endanger your pet or our groomer.



It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain your pets coat between grooming’s.  In the event your pet is matted and needs to be shaved the owner is releasing Paw Spa Mobile Grooming Salon from any liability that may arise from nicks or cuts, razor burn, raw irritated skin or any other issue directly resulting from matted hair.  Any vet bills that are incurred are agreed upon to be the responsibility of the owner once the waiver is signed.  The matting may result in an additional fee which is to be determined by the groomer.


The safety and comfort of your pet is our number one concern.  We ask that any known pre-existing issues, be released to the groomer upon arrival.  In case of any medical issue that may arise during grooming, the owner is hereby releasing Paw Spa Mobile Grooming Salon from any liability that may stem from your pets age or special needs.  Pets that require special handling will incur an additional charge that could be anywhere from $10.00 to $25.00 depending on the severity of the situation.



Grooming or handling a sedated dog can become dangerous.  We ask that if your pet has been sedated you make the groomer aware before the grooming process begins.  We will muzzle pets that show aggression and will always give each pet the benefit of the doubt.  IF YOUR PET IS A BITER OR SNAPS AT THE GROOMER, WE MUST BE MADE AWARE PRIOR TO GROOMING YOUR PET.  We would rather be prepared than surprised.  We will not groom dogs that require an injectable sedation.


I you need to cancel, we ask that you give us at least a 24-48 hour notice so we are able to fill your spot.  Same day cancellations or no shows will result in a $50.00 charge. 



In the event the owner needs to leave prior to the grooming being completed, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure payment is handled and the groomer has access to drop off the dogs upon completion.



We strive to keep a sanitary and flea free environment for your pet to be groomed in.  In the event your pet has fleas there will be a $25.00 fee applied to your bill for flea removal and for disinfecting the grooming van so as to not spread them to other pets.



Due to insurance regulations we do not permit owners to stay in the mobile unit while their pet is being groomed.


We strive to ensure the safest environment for your pet.  However, we use very sharp instruments and pets, especially puppies, can be wiggly during the grooming process.  We take every precaution (including using Ph balanced shampoo to eliminate eye irritation) but some situations are beyond our control.  In the event of an accident during the grooming process we advise you seek a veterinary treatment but it will be at the expense of the owner.



Both of these services are something that we can offer.  However, we strongly recommend the anal glands be done at a vet office to prevent any unnecessary injury to your pet (including but not limited to abscesses and ruptures).  If there is an excessive amount of hair in the ear canal we will do what is in the best interest of your pet without causing discomfort.   This may result in anything from rawness to split ears caused from head shaking due to ear infections.  We cannot predict how an animal will react to grooming so we advise keeping a close eye on your pet for any unusual behavior.  In the event your pet is uncooperative for nail trimming we can also try grinding as an alternative.  In certain instances, this proves to be too stressful and the pet will be returned to the owner.


In the event an appointment is booked and the animal is not able to be groomed due to aggression or any other issue, a $35.00 charge will be applied to your bill to help cover the time and gas of the groomer on call.



Shaving a double coated breed destroys their natural cooling system.  Unless it is a case of severe matting or medical necessity we advise against doing so.  Shaving a double coated breed could lead to alopecia, hair loss and in some instances heat stroke.



All appointment times are estimated time frames within a one hour arrival window.  They are subject to change due to weather, traffic, dog’s behavior or any other unforeseen circumstance.  We will do our best to accommodate time constraints but cannot guarantee an exact time.


In the event of severe weather all appointments will be rescheduled for future dates.



We strongly recommend getting your pet set up on a regular grooming schedule.  This is something that can be discussed when your we arrive to groom your pet or when requesting an appoint via the website.  In the event a standing appointment needs to be rescheduled or canceled we will have to get your pet back on schedule for the following appointment.  With the number of standing appointments and clients we are unable to adjust schedules since they are booked out a year in advance.



Any and all pictures taken of your pet before, during and after grooming process may be used on any sort of social media outlet. I hereby grant permission for PSMGS to use my pets name or picture for promotions, advertising or portfolio images and release Paw Spa Mobile Grooming Salon from any liability.


Prices are non-negotiable. Payment is due at time of service.  There is a $50 returned check fee.  Cash or check is preferred but we also accept credit cards. Paw Spa Mobile Grooming Salon is PCI compliant, so all credit card information is secured and encrypted.


In the event of an emergency I am releasing Paw Spa Mobile Grooming Salon to provide necessary medical attention to my pet in my absence. I understand that all expenses that may be incurred are my responsibility unless it is stated that Paw Spa Mobile Grooming Salon will assume the financial responsibility.

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