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Paw Spa Influenza / Coronavirus (Covid-19) Safety Protocols

What we’re doing to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19​

  • Groomer temperature check before shift

  • Staying a safe distance 6ft or more - 0 human contact when possible from customers

  • Washing hands regularly & wearing mask, face shield and gloves when necessary

  • Cleaning all surfaces & equipment within the grooming unit with cdc approved disinfectants & UVC sanitation between each appointment

  • Hepa Filtration & Air Purification for grooming unit

  • Ozone Generator Sanitation

  • Eliminating exposure risks to Covid-19 by doing all shopping online or store-pickup, personal & business!

How customers can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19

  • Reschedule grooming appointment if sick, may have been in contact or are awaiting test results for Influenza / Coronavirus (Covid-19)

  • Practice social distancing with pet from other humans

  • Disinfect dog lead handles

  • Stay a 6ft or more from staff


Infection Prevention and Control

Paw Spa is committed to practicing safe hand hygiene. 

  • Nails must be short, clean and free of nail varnish. False nails are NOT acceptable.

  • When washing your hands, the water you use, should be warm.

  • Always wet hands before using soap.

  • Wash all areas of the hand and wrists (see diagram for advice), this should take AT LEAST 20 seconds. 

  • Rinse hands well with running water.

  • Pat hands dry & ensure that they are thoroughly dried.

Management of Influenza / Coronavirus (Covid-19) Symptoms Respiratory Hygiene / Coughing and Sneezing Etiquette:

  • Cover nose and mouth with a disposable, single use, tissue when sneezing, coughing, wiping or blowing your nose.

  • Dispose of used tissues in the nearest bin (or have a bag beside you to throw tissues into) immediately.

  • Wash hands after coughing, sneezing, using tissues or after contact with respiratory secretions and contaminated objects.

  • Keep hands away from your eyes and nose.We have a plentiful supply of gloves and aprons and face-masks that must be worn when interacting with customers.

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